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Site 2

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Software as a Service Membership site



Freelance Marketplace.

Software as a Service systems in this site are typically paid within a subscription model, or membership model.

This SaaS application allows freelancers and employers to register and create their profiles in few simple steps. Once a task is posted on the marketplace, the freelancers would have the option to submit their proposals for employer to review. Once a proposal is accepted, employer would be required to make the payment which would be received by the admin but it will also be shown in the wallet system of that freelancer after deduction of admin’s commission under the pending payments section.

Once the project is completed and approved by the employer, that amount will move from pending balance section to available balance in freelancer’s wallet. The commission system would enable the admin to monetize this system.

It includes, projects listings, bidding on projects, sell services, employers listings, freelancer listings and is a great choice for making a freelance market place.

We will customise and adjust to your personal requirements. Modern design and great functionality will help you create a unique web space that will make your business thrive! You surely won’t be disappointed with this website business!

Software as a Service systems in this site are typically paid within a subscription model, or membership model.

How to Monetize with this site
2. Freelance marketplace
Find freelancers who want regular work, have them pay monthly to find jobs
Sell advertising
Do a joint venture with a large company that would want freelancers
Sell leads to cleaning companies
Get commissions from actual sales of freelance work
If you already own a freelance company, plug and play
Build the membership numbers up & sell for a profit at flippa
Keep your customers happy with good content. Make them stay.
Barter services for internet services with freelancers
Build a specific freelance site (seo/video production/graphics etc)

How does your business make money?

SaaS website’s or commonly known as ‘Software as a Service’, is a method of software delivery and licensing in which software is accessed online via a subscription or membership base, rather than bought / downloaded and installed on individual computers. Most large (and small) software companies are now looking at switching to this recurring compounding revenue model.

SaaS sites are pure brilliance in simplicity, and perfect for recurring income. You build something 1 time and sell the services over and over again creating something called Zero Marginal Cost. It’s partly how Bill Gates got wealthy!


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