Why Choose SBS White Label Membership Sites?

Run your own professional membership business with recurring income 24/7 … 365! SBS ‘Done For You’ membership websites can align with virtually any industry and topic for monthly recurring income stream’s!

Your Brand, Your Software

SBS allows you to easily white label, brand and customize a website as per your business needs. You get a tailor-made business application made for you. Your choice, your personal branding!

You Choose, You Earn

Simply choose the business application that suits your needs, we customize the platform you want changed, including headers, sliders, and site colors, you choose from our pre-made perfect white label business solutions. Your business, your brand, your income!

Unique Design

SBS’s harmonious application designs are powerful with super clean looks that will make your internet business stand out from the crowd. Beautiful and elegant websites that make your creation look professional from day one. Brand your future today!

What is SBS software solutions ?

We are a company boutique for digital transformation and SaaS software development that offers state-of-the-art application white label solutions, helping you to grow a great business, thus, helping businesses and business customers untangle complicated problems, with your software solutions!

SBS SaaS solutions are at the core of nearly every top software company in the world. Through cloud technology, your NEW internet business solution can easily pay you a regular recurring monthly or annual income.

SBS business white label solutions are a sleek, evergreen and powerful business to own!

SBS white label, understand the concept!
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Benefits of white label. Done for you (DFY)!

  1. It’s quick and easy to brand (DFY)! White label solutions can offer advantages if you’re trying to think of ways to add new features to your business, or start a completely new internet business. White label solutions are generally fully integrated and ready-made, which makes branding very easy. As the new owner you’ll be free from concerns about needing to spend time and money on research or development. You can add your own branding and identity, and get into your own business quickly.
  2. It saves you time and money! Developing a solution from scratch takes a large amount of financial and human capital resources — not to mention time! While a custom solution may seem at the outset to be the best alternative, you may quickly find that the effort derails internal business processes and busts budgets. Even if you think you can build it yourself, it’s important to factor in time for marketing. Remember the time it takes for architecture, design, building, and testing the solution. If you require a fast deployment, cutting corners in any of these steps can leave you even further behind. When time is of the essence and you need to be speedy, investing in an existing white label solution is more cost-effective in the end.
  3. White labels Are Turnkey / Easily Deployable (DFY)! Trust experts in the specific space you are focused on, and avoid making the same mistakes that others have made before you. In short, white label solutions can help you utilise your new business in a unique branding platform to offer a product or service without investing in infrastructure or technology creation around the solution. The result: You can focus on building your brand and selling your services while simplifying the conversion path for your customers. SaaS (Software as a Service) as a membership site and a monthly recurring income base are the hottest market’s on the internet planet, period! Don’t miss out! Start your own white label “Done For You” business package today!

Software Features

SBS software applications provides you with many features that will help customers keep track of vital records for thousands of business services. Cloud based software applications are designed and built as per the customers requirements.

  • All applications keep records of customers such as contact information, support interactions and statistical data, along with other information which can be retrieved when and where required.
  • SBS software is effective to gather, combine and analyze data so you can reveal crucial insights to your clients in making future business decisions .
  • Custom software applications are built to support any business as it grows so that your customers don't have to transfer to another software and start from scratch.
  • The Cloud based software applications are built to support thousands of users, and provide advanced features that give security and peace of mind.
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You Choose It!...We Brand It!…You Earn From It!

Start Your Own Evergreen, Recession Proof Business with Multiple Streams of Income! View the slide show below, it’s just a small selection to start from!

What can SBS do for you ?

With SBS white label solutions you can own beautiful and elegant frontend websites, and backend Cloud based applications that suit hundreds of professional business situations worldwide 24/7 365.

The SBS team will fully customize and brand your new internet business with ease. Every page is fully responsive and retina ready which makes your creation look perfect on any device.


Marketing Software

Build, scale and deploy powerful marketing campaigns with your SBS applications. SBS software creates new opportunities to market to your customers. Create two-way, real-time customer engagement with every touchpoint, throughout the user journey.


Sales Software

SBS applications use customer data to understand exactly what your customers like about your website, and how they interact with your business. Connect with customers in innovative and intuitive ways that tick all the box's!


Service Software

Create the 3 R's! Easily orchestrate personalised multi-channel journeys that deliver the right message at the right time in the right channel to create Rewarding Revenue Relationships! Your business, Your brand, Your Income!

SBS Specialities

SBS software applications are popular for the below specialties that can make your business and website look beautiful, professional, and stand out from the crowd

High Resolution

Provided with high resolution images.

Color Schemes

You can use color schemes as you need.

Google Fonts

You can change the fonts of the website.

Clean Codes

Clean code which can be understood.

Responsive Design

Fully responsive and retina ready.

Easy to Use

The template can be fully customizable with ease.

Perfect Showcase

Template makes your website look beautiful.

Video Animation

You can also add videos to the website as you need.


SBS’s harmonious design and super clean looks will make your business website look beautiful and elegant. It makes your creation look extra professional.

Simply choose the white label package deal that suits your business desires, we customize the website that you require, including headers, sliders, colors, choose from pre-made useful elements.

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The Sooner We Get Your Information, The Sooner We Can Deploy Your Website Business!

Achieve rapid digital transformation and join the digital revolution! Get your e-commerce website business underway today!

Compare Services

Comparison of services. Here’s some thoughts on the whole white label vs building your own.

Your Own Business!

SBS white label business websites are turnkey, easily deployable. We do it for you. You get a tailor-made business application made for you!



Not Done For You!

Building a website and backend application, especially a large one, can be a lot of hard work and can take anything up to 5 months to fully test and develop.


Done For You!

SBS white label applications require no coding or technical work on your behalf. You choose a registered domain name, and we do the rest for you.



Learn Coding!

Can require you to learn coding and high end technical work on your behalf! High maintenance, not self-updating! Costing huge fee’s for a experienced coder, and graphic designer.


Your Profits!

All you have to do is promote your site and collect recurring income. We even teach you how to do that! You choose it… We brand it… You earn from it!



No Profits!

Extremely high cost’s of research and development along with consulting time involved. Hiring an experinanced copywriter for frontend website development. Your budget blows out before you start!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find solutions to your questions

Do I own my website?
Yes totally, you own your website, domain name and other information included in your website such as your history of orders and customer information. We own our website management and digital marketing system and our pre-designed and pre-produced templates that we have created for specific industry segments.
Are you able to help in the marketing of my website?
Yes. We can provide you with a range of digital marketing services. Google & Facebook advertising packages. Search Engine Optimisation services. Conversion rate optimisation and so on. Please enquire for further details.
Are there any additional charges?
There are no additional charges associated with your standard white label website package from SBS, apart from the price you pay upfront for your personal branded white label site. If you would like SBS to undertake additional work for you outside of the standard website package, then we will need to charge for this work. However, we will do everything we can to keep our fees to you as reasonable as possible.
Can I sell my website?
Absolutely yes! Your site, your profit! All we ask is that you inform us who the new owner will be, so we can make contact with them to help them set everything up. We will do everything we can to help you for a smooth transition!

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