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Software as a Service paid subscriptions and paid membership site



SwingersClub365 – Adult Content
SwingersClub365 is a perfect theme for the Adult Swingers online!

It’s the new generation adult premium multisite of best swingers clubs and people with same interests to join with. For the users it presents the one go-to hub of excitement and value for money, 24/7 365! Whether a user is looking for live chat cams with other swingers, or planing the next hook up SwingersClub365 has it all.

Safe, Secure and Discreet for all your viewers. SwingersClub365 allows user’s to upload photo’s to their own private portfolio gallery, and only share pictures to whom they choose to. Private chat or multi-chat with other members and viewers. Find and search other partners with likable interests to hookup with. Enjoy notifcations of swingers parties to group with. User’s are able to upload and download a wide range of video formats like AVI, WMV, QuickTime, DIVX, MPEG, 3GP, FLV, and many more to share and view with other swingers groups!

SwingersClub365 is the “All-In-One Adult Swingers Club Of Premium Entertainment”! SwingersClub365 is truly a one of a kind unique, clean and modern Premium Software as a Service theme with a built in subscription and membership plan.

For you the site owner it can represent the ultimate recurring income plan 24/7 365! Don’t under estimate the power and value of the high income level’s this site can produce!

Software as a Service systems in this site are typically paid within a subscription model, or membership model.

How to Monetize with this site
16. Swingers club
Do a joint venture with a large dating agency
Sell leads to dating companies
Multiple your efforts use affiliate programs on the site
Get commissions from actual sales of people joining
If you already own a swingers club company, plug and play
Build the membership up & sell for a profit at flippa
Keep your customers happy with good content. Make them stay.
Barter services with dating companies
Make a niche swingers site (age/ethnic/sex)
Turn the site into a local site
Promote adult websites with your affiliate links

How does your business make money?

SaaS website’s or commonly known as ‘Software as a Service’, is a method of software delivery and licensing in which software is accessed online via a subscription or membership base, rather than bought / downloaded and installed on individual computers. Most large (and small) software companies are now looking at switching to this recurring compounding revenue model.

SaaS sites are pure brilliance in simplicity, and perfect for recurring income. You build something 1 time and sell the services over and over again creating something called Zero Marginal Cost. It’s partly how Bill Gates got wealthy!


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